Universal Flat Bar Bender UB-100

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Actions speak louder than words, so don't just tell the pesky Flat, Round, Square or Angled Steel Bars in your life to 'Get Bent'.

Bend them yourself with the Cammac UB-100!

The UB-100 is a trusty, easy and precise bench mount bar bender.

It's wide supporting face ensures safe and reliable operation with bending angles of up to 120 degrees.

It also features a sturdy design for screw mounting to a workbench and infinitely variable bending stop adjustment.

Model UB-100
Bending Flat steel Warm 100 x 10mm
Bending Round steel Warm 20mm
Bending square steel 18 x 18mm
Bending angle steel 60 x 8mm / 100 x 12mm
Body packing size 39 x 29 x 28cm
Handle packing size 72 x 18 x 13cm
N.W./G.W. 29 / 30kg