1FT (W01-0.8x305) Sheetmetal Slip Rolls

1FT (W01-0.8x305) Sheetmetal Slip Rolls

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Roll Up! Roll Up!!!

As the ringmaster of your own show you need to make sure you're in control.

What better way to do than than get your hands on a Cammac machine.co.nz  Manual Slip Roll?!


  • Easy and manual operation.
  • Quick release top roller
  • Hardened steel gearing
  • High strength steel rolls
  • Precision ground cast iron roller
  • Top roll swing out
  • Lower roll adjustment with adjustment lever and cam
  • Our slip roll machine not only reels but can also cone the materials
  • Our slip roll machine can roll the round bar steels whose specifications are ¢6, ¢8, ¢10 and so on.
  • The upper axis of our slip roll machine can be easily pulled out in order to take out the processed work piece

Model W01-0.8X305
Max.thickness  0.8mm
Max.width  305mm
Dia.of roll 25.4mm
Packing dimension 54 x 24 x 28cm
N.W./G.W. 13/14kg